MELT with Isuzu 

Isuzu Kanada Healing Arts          Calgary AB Canada & Japan 

Level One MELT Instructor Training

3-month intensive Online course 

Wellness and Fitness Professionals:

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Current Specials

  • Intro to MELT Roller taught by Isuzu via ZOOM $40 pp $30 pp


MELT daily is a great way to spend your time at home supporting your immune system.

NEW Digital Course "The MELT Self-Care Course"  Beginner's Guide to MELT

This beginner-level digital course will provide students with a step-by-step guide to learn how to MELT, one section of the body at a time. 

Designed for anyone who is new to MELT, the course will teach them the foundational treatments and sequences in a self-paced format. 

Students will also be able to learn the basic science behind MELT, why it’s vital to optimal health and longevity, and how to create a treatment plan specific to their self-care and fitness goals.  

This New MELT Self-Care education course consists of:

  • 5 modules with 20+ self-treatments for the lower body, upper body and core
  • Step-by-step guidance for creating a daily self-care practice
  • Printable treatment maps
  • Bonus treatments and sequences
  • Lifetime course access
  • Fun quizzes to test your self-care knowledge!

Note: this course is to learn MELT techniques for your own self-care only and you cannot teach any MELT techniques to others, any other group or population in private setting or in a class setting until appropriately trained and licensed by Longevity Fitness. There are potential legal consequences for teaching this material directly or by teaching the techniques and calling it by another name. 

What is Connective Tissue or Fascia?

Connective Tissue is a three-dimensional fluid flexible scaffolding that is everywhere in your body. From your skin to your bones, head to toe, around every muscle (actually in the muscle, too), bone, joint, and organ.  Connective Tissue provides whole-body support and stabilization.